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Rescue Centre Work

As a child, we adopted two cats from a local animal shelter, and whilst I have never owned a rescue dog myself, I have met plenty through assisting with dog training classes. Over the years I have supported several national and local animal rescue and rehoming organisations.

I wish to assist local rescue centres and animal shelters with their adoption schemes, and offer free photoshoots to all organisations based in Gwynedd and Anglesey, with professional quality photos taken of pets available to adopt.

In addition, any new owners adopting a pet from these shelters will be offered a 10% discount off a shoot with me when claimed within 12 months of adoption. A perfect way to show the world how your new best friend is getting on and enjoying their new life.

If you know of a local animal shelter which may like to make use of this offer, please contact me.

Cassie was a young GSD we fostered because she wasn’t coping in the local animal shelter. She had previously had no training and had absolutely no respect for anyone or anything. After a few weeks with us, I took some photos of her to help her rehoming prospects. Shortly after, the shelter received some enquiries about her and she was successfully rehomed to a young couple. She is now progressing well with her training and has begun agility and working trials to keep her active.




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