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Pet Photography

Having grown up with Border Collies, they were often my most willing subjects, so I make no apologies for the majority of my photos being of this versatile  breed. I have provided numerous photos of dogs for friends and societies, including walks, portraits, shows and most recently, agility. I have also had considerable experience covering equine activities, and have covered a number of small shows over the years.

Below I have outlined the basic packages on offer for pet owners.
Each package includes a consultation, shoot, editing and a mounted 7x5 print. More size options are available on request, and I can arrange for a variety of
photo gifts to suit your needs and requirements.

For more information about any of these packages, please visit my
General Information page.


A favourite package for everyone. I will join owners and their dogs for a walk and take photos of the dogs at play in a relaxing environment. Photos can also be taken of owners with their pets.
* Weather dependent *.

Bob, Shimmy and Fleck running on Tralee Beach, Scotland.


Home Visit
Suitable for small animals, cats and older/ less active dogs. Ideally photos will be taken outside in the garden but can be taken indoors if necessary. Can also be arranged for litters.

Pip, Gemma, Jack, Mac and Dillon as puppies.


Farm Visit
Photos can be taken of particular livestock or of the general working farm environment. I will be as unobtrusive as possible. A great gift for a farming friend.

Photograph of a ewe near Corfe Castle.


Stable Visit
Photos can be taken of individual horses or herds. Can also cover lessons, hacks and other stable activities.

Thor making friends at South Mountain YMCA.


Show Spectacular
Got a show planned? This is the package for you! All day coverage of the show, including setting up, activities in all rings, presentations of awards and general “people” shots. Discounts can be offered for exhibitors/ winners wishing to purchase prints of their special day.

A selection of show photography.


All products (prints, mounts, frames, canvas and gifts) are sourced from other companies who I have worked with over the years.

The photographs in these galleries are used to demonstrate my ability as a photographer. I prefer not to spend hours photo editing after a shoot and, as such, many of the photos shown are unedited.


Copyright: Please note that all rights are reserved for images on this website. All images are the property of the photographer and protected under UK and International copyright laws. Copying, downloading, printing, or reproducing in any manner without the prior written permission of the photographer is strictly forbidden.

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