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I will try and update my news pages regularly with business news and shows that I have attended. To view shows and events that I will be attending, please see my Calendar.

Sunday 16th March

First of all, I feel like I owe everyone an apology! Since my last post (canít believe it was October) I have been slightly sidetracked with my birding. I attended a few events towards the end of 2013 and was encouraged to continue with my efforts working towards getting a ringing permit. Unfortunately this clashed with Agility training, and when birding was ďoffĒ because of the weather, so was Agility!
Anyway, I returned yesterday to lots of requests and some new friends to meet too! Iím looking forward to maybe getting to Tai Lawr a bit more frequently in the coming month and am hoping to attend the Easter show.
I have been offered an amazing opportunity to work for 2 months in Sweden this summer, helping with a bird project on Oland Island in the south. I will be jetting off probably the week after the Easter show, so am not going to commit to photos until nearer the time when I have a better idea of how many days Iíll have to sort through them all.

In other news, I am soon to be the proud co-owner of a gorgeous Border Collie Puppy! Wish (Sianworth Highland Mist) was born early December out of our Bella and Bob (second litter of Bobellaís). When I visited in January, it was clear that she was too good to go to a pet home, so mum hatched a plan to persuade dad to let her stay! If sheís part mine, he definitely canít say no!
So at Crufts this year I visited the Kennel Club to register an Affix (kennel name) and am awaiting confirmation before I can publicly announce her new name! Obviously with my current plans, she wonít be living with me, but Iím sure my parents can cope with one more little mouth to feed until I get sorted with a place of my own! Looking forward to showing her, and early indications are that she might be a Heelwork to Music dog - she certainly knows plenty of tricks at a very young age!



Tuesday 15th October

Gosh! Where has the time gone! So my week at home was a good fun but really hectic. It wasnít much of a holiday with 10 dogs to look after, although plenty of photo opportunities to be had when the sun was shining. I also passed a couple of  courses/ assessments while I was up, namely a Canine First Aid Course (organised by Rhodes 2 Safety and hosted by Oban & District Dog Training Club) and a Border Collie Breed Seminar and Judging Assessment (hosted by Scottish Border Collie Club). Both were very interesting and informative, and hugely entertaining!

Having missed a couple of Agility sessions while I was away, last Saturday I went over for Shrewsbury and District DTC Agility Show, which was part of a 2 day show held at the Oswestry Showground. It was amazing to see the various teams from other Agility training groups, including some familiar faces from the show world. I thoroughly enjoyed my day, despite it being rather cold and gloomy.


Tuesday 24th September

Oops! I forgot to mention! Next week I will be heading back up to Scotland for a visit. I will be attending Oban and District Dog Training Club on Monday 30th, a Canine First Aid Course in Connel on Wednesday 2nd and a Border Collie Breed Seminar in Carluke on the 5th. Apart from these events (where I may take photos if I get the chance), I will be available for photo shoots from Monday 30th Sept until Fri 4th Oct. As I am trying to increase my portfolio of breeds and pets, all shoots are FREE (you only pay for the photos you want). So if you, or someone you know, would like to take advantage of this, please contact me to book a shoot.

I have also added a page called ďProductsĒ which lists the photo gifts I can offer, and prices. In addition to the products shown/ listed, I can also design calendars and greetings cards for you. If there are any other photo gifts you would like me to offer, please get in touch. Iíd love to hear your suggestions.


Monday 23rd September

Time flies when youíre having fun, eh? After a long delay, I returned to Tai Lawr for PODS training on the 14th. While it was great catching up with everyone from Agility, and seeing the amazing progress since my last visit (the show in June!), I was drawn away from the agility field to watch a working trials session. This is something my mum has started doing with one of our dogs and I would certainly like to have a go when I get a dog of my own. There are several elements to the Working Test, which test the dog and handlers both mentally and physically. Although itís based on  civilian equivalent to police dog work, itís also a great way to train your dog to do some party pieces - such as finding dropped keys in a field!

The following Saturday saw the annual Nant Peris Village Fair, which PODS attend and give agility and flyball demonstrations. I went along last year, and it was my first experience of photographing agility. Iíd like to think Iíve improved since last year, but the photos I took 12 months ago are still some of my favourites, although I strongly believe that the location plays a massive part in that! Nant Peris is the last village before the Llanberis Pass up to Pen-Y-Pass and the footpaths up Snowdon. Several of the photos from this fair have Crib Goch as a backdrop, with the waste slags of the slate quarries creating a wild and imposing setting for a brilliant community event. And despite it threatening rain when we left Bangor, soon after arrival the clouds cleared and the sun came out (I should have put suncream on!).


Monday 12th August

Wow! Itís been a busy month!

Border Collie of the Year feels like it was AGES ago! This prestigious competition is hosted by a different breed club every year and this was the turn of the Border Collie Club of Wales. The event was well attended with dogs and owners traveling from across the UK to compete at Northop. BCOTY was awarded to Fayken I Am Legend JW, with runner up Fayken Indecent Proposal and Top Scoring Veteran Sh Ch Caleykiz Mystical Dragon JW. An article was published by Our Dogs Newspaper, and some of my photos from the day were used to illustrate the wins.

The next day was the Border Collie Club of Wales Championship Show, also held in Northop. I really must work on my evolution of extra arms as I spent most of my day showing dogs so was unable to take many photos. With mum unable to run the dogs due to an injury, and dad having been banned from EVER stepping into the show ring after a show about 20 years ago, we swapped and I showed the dogs while they took photos (note to self - must train all new ďemployeesĒ BEFORE the event!) Had a great day catching up with everyone and was very pleased to handle Tefryn Skyeís Late Extra (for Pam Etheridge) to 1st in Mid Limit Dog, along with our Sianworth Highland Knight 3rd in Yearling Dog (after winning Junior with mum), Sianworth Firecracker 4th in Limit Dog and Sianworth Rustic Charmer 1st in Special Members. As you can imagine, I slept well that night!

So, parents and 10 dogs landed in Wales and after a busy weekend it was good to relax a bit with the dogs - had some good walks on the beach with them covered in sand - our dogs are only part time show dogs! They didnít stay long, with another show looming, but as I also work in a supermarket, I couldnít blag two weekends off. However, the house didnít stay empty long with my boyfriend visiting for a few days. He teaches English abroad so donít see eachother that often. 3 days was not long enough, but the weather was reasonable and we went on a few adventures exploring some local-ish parts that I havenít visited in years.

Almost as soon as heíd gone, mum was back, but this time with no dogs. I was honoured to have been asked to judge the Rotary Club of Bangor Companion Dog Show on the 4th August, so mum came along to catch up with some old friends (she had helped run the original show I donít know how many years ago!) It was a great day, despite the weather and I was very pleased with all the dogs shown under me. I gave BIS to a lovely GSD, RBIS to a sweet Mini Smooth Dachshund and BPIS to a gorgeous Groenendael BSD. My best Novelty went to the winner of Best Rescue, a loveable 9 year old crossbreed called Scooby whoís tail didnít stop wagging the whole time I saw him! He was expertly handled in the different classes by the two young sons of the family (both younger than Scooby!), and I couldnít resist giving them the posh rosette and trophy for the top award.

No rest for the wicked, as next day me and mum set off up the road to Scotland. I had an enjoyable week at home, catching up with friends and walking the dogs. Tuesday saw Lochaber and District Canine Society run a Companion Show in aid of Guide Dogs for the Blind, which I took photos at and loved catching up with my old friends in the shadow of Ben Nevis. Another show loomed at the weekend, and once again I was judging, this time Border Collies and Junior Handling at Upperward of Lanarkshire Open Show. I was pleased with my entries, and thrilled when my BOB went third in the Group, under my mum. The stars of the day had to be the Junior Handlers though, especially the older group. They put most people at the show to shame with their outfits, handling and rapport with their dogs. The two winners were both very good and I really was nit-picking in my final decision for Best Junior Handler, eventually awarded to the older girl handling a Tibetan Terrier.


Wednesday 17th July

The sun has come back to Wales after a few days of cloud - just in time for this weekend! I will be photographing the Border Collie of the Year Competition this Saturday (20th), then the Border Collie Club of Wales Championship Show on Sunday. Looking forward to catching up with everyone and seeing the Top Winning dogs in the breed compete for this prestigious title!

I can also announce that I will be spending a week at home in Oban between the 6th and 12th of August. I am hoping to attend the Lochaber and District Canine Society Companion Show on the Tuesday evening (6th), with 50% of all photo sales ordered from the night being donated to the Guide Dogs for the Blind. I wonít be available on the Saturday or Sunday, but during the week I will be available for photo shoots of ALL animals (dogs, cats, horses etc). If you would like to book a shoot, please contact me. I will be staying in Benderloch, which has access to beaches (Tralee and Ardmucknish) and forestry (Beinn Lora). If you would like a shoot elsewhere, please mention this when you contact me.


Thursday 4th July

Happy Independence Day to all my US friends! Where has the time gone? Feels like only a few weeks have passed since my first Agility show, yet that was all the way back in  April! So much has happened in that time, and I hope that things will continue to progress over the summer. I have some exciting developments and ideas being worked on in the background, so as soon as these are finalised, Iíll post my plans on here and on my FB page.


Saturday 15th June

Phew! I think I have finally caught up with all my main photos after a VERY busy 2 months! Still got some individual photos to work on, but for now I can breath a bit!
Looking back over the
Scottish Border Collie Club Show photos (taken in Alva on my trip up north a few weeks ago), I canít believe the weather we had! Really makes you wonder what everyone complains about in Scotland!

Anyway, Iím back to Agility next weekend with the PODS summer show, so just hoping the recent rain will blow over by then! No planned shows after that, so if you would like me to cover a show please get in touch.


Tuesday 4th June

Day 2 photos from Ynys Mon show are now available online. Thanks to everyone for your patience. If you would like to see more photos of each dog (there are LOADS), please contact me with the Dog(number). I will be attending the next PODS show on the 22nd June at Tai Lawr, so if you would like to collect your orders from the show I need to receive orders BY Monday 17th June (saves a bit on postage).

It was good to be back in Scotland last week. The weather was excellent, with many lobsters going home after a day in Alva. I dragged a friend with me and she had a wonderful time watching the judging and cuddling with all the dogs, after theyíd been in the ring of course! It was great to catch up with the old BC gang up there, and to meet all the newbies to the club too. Massive Congratulations to all the winners. Due to an unplanned job interview down south, I wonít be starting on these photos until next week, but hope to have the show photos online in 2 weeks time (individual photos may take a wee bit longer).


Thursday 23rd May

The ďOut of OfficeĒ reply is set up, and Iím off! Visiting Stirling for a week to say goodbye to some friends before they graduate and to catch up with any graduates who are still around from ďmyĒ time as a student! Donít worry, it wonít all be party time - Iím also covering the Scottish Border Collie Club Open Show this Saturday in Alva. This has always been one of my favourite shows, so fingers crossed the weather is good as the location is pretty unbeatable when the sun shines! However, this being Scotland, Iíve packed suncream and thermals as my sources tell me there is lots of fresh snow on the hills... I think someone is forgetting itís JUNE next week!

To everyone patiently waiting for Day 2 of Ynys Mon photos - I am almost done and have decided to take my laptop with me so that I can get them all finished when Iím away. Unfortunately I wonít have much internet access so youíll have to wait until next weekend, but I promise they will be online BY Sunday evening (2nd June)


Monday 13th May

Well, the weather on Day 2 was, if possible, even worse than Day 1! Certainly wetter and no sunshine, so again I was confined to the gazebos. And Iím going to blame the weather for my camera battery giving up half way through the afternoon but donít worry as Iíve ordered spares for next time! Still managed to get loads of photos, making the total over the two days of 2,778! I have split them into Day 1 and 2, Agility and Jumping, then size (large, medium, small, micro). If I know the dogs or owners, I will name them, but otherwise it will be Dog1, Dog2 etc. I hope to have all the photos sorted, edited and a selection online for viewing before my trip to Scotland next week.

Hope everyone had a good weekend, and I may post a few sneak peaks on here in the next day or two - just having a quick look through now and Iím already REALLY pleased with them and canít wait to share them with you all!


Saturday 11th May

Day 1 of Ynys Mon DTS Agility Show, and my first taste of a KC event. Very well run show, and much easier to cover with only two rings! The weather made life incredibly difficult for everyone, with torrential rain showers and gusts of probably 50mph followed by hot sunshine! I resisted the temptation of taking photos of the long queue for ice cream in the pelting rain!
All of my photos from Day 1 were taken from the shelter of the gazebos in each ring, so I apologise for them all being very ďsameyĒ. Iím just glad that my camera holds 2 SD cards, and that I have plenty of spares!
I hope to attend Day 2 tomorrow, and given that Iíve taken nigh on 1,600 photos today, theyíre going to take a LONG time to sort through so please be patient.


Friday 3rd May

Photos from the SHOW are now online here. I know I missed a few dogs at the show, but I did manage to get some during the training in the morning, and these photos should be available over the weekend.

I will be attending Ynys Mon DTS Agility Show next weekend, so if anyone would like to pick up prints from there, please get in touch before 3pm on Tuesday, so that I can send you thumbnails to choose from. Orders must be received BY 8pm on Wednesday to guarantee that youíll get them at the show.


Wednesday 1st May

Well, I have managed to get photos from the show in the afternoon sorted. However, my website photo gallery setting has decided to play silly buggers, so at the moment I canít upload that page to the internet. I have uploaded them all to my Facebook page, so if you have an account, you can view them here. Please bear in mind that there are still photos from Training and Prize Giving to sort through, but I hope to have these sorted over the weekend, by which time hopefully the Show photos will also be available on the correct page of the website! Apologies to everyone waiting, but I can assure you that it will be well worth it!


Sunday 28th April

WOW! Had a fantastic day yesterday at the PODS agility show. Over 80 dogs running in 3 rings meant it was an early start and a late finish (if I was clocking in and out, it would have been almost a 13 hour shift!) As you can imagine, my camera worked overtime so to everyone who was there, please be patient with me! It looks like it will take longer to sort through the photos than I had originally planned, but I hope to get a taster batch up in a gallery before next weekend. I will only upload one or two photos of each dog, so if you would like prints, let me know as in most cases I have several photos that you can choose from. I will also be providing a selection of photos to Tracey for the PODS website once Iíve sorted through them all.

Well done to everyone involved with the show - the organisers, judges, runners, helpers, tea makers and of course the handlers and your fantastic dogs! Oh, and whoever it was that performed a sun dance in the morning! It was great to catch up with people and pooches Iíd met at the October show, and to see the progress everyone had made. I also loved meeting all the newbies, and I canít wait to see most of you at the next PODS show! I hope everyone slept well last night - I know I did and compared to most of you, I hardly did anything all day!


Friday 26th April

Getting things ready for the PODS show tomorrow. Iíll be there early and will be around the rings for the training sessions in the morning. These will be when I can get some more ďartyĒ shots of your dogs, as I wonít be in the ring during the competition rounds in the afternoon (whilst I try not to be a distraction, some dogs just canít help wanting to come and investigate me!) If you would like photos taking, PLEASE try and speak to me before you go in the ring. I will do my best to get round everyone, but there are three rings, 80 dogs running and only one of me! Fingers crossed the weather stays dry.


Sunday 21st April

Well, following a week long campaign on my facebook page, I am pleased to show you the ďwinningĒ photo from my PORTFOLIO. Thanks to everyone who voted and ďlikedĒ the photos. It was great to have some feedback from new people, even non-pet people. I value everyoneís opinions and hope to run something similar later on in the year once I have some more shoots with different animals under my belt.


Callie is a fantastic Cockapoo who loves agility and posing for the camera! This was taken during a training session, but resulted in me being ďbanishedĒ from the ring by her owner, Tracey, due to her constantly being distracted and watching me instead of her handler! She is a sweetie though and clearly loved all the laughs she was getting. This photo shows her personality so well, full of mischief and fun.


Monday 15th April

Well, itís been a busy few weeks. I have been out walking in the glorious (if a bit cold) weather weíve been having, scouting out plenty of new locations for my ďWalkiesĒ shoots. Iíve also been to a few Agility sessions with PODS, and have been working on some interesting angles and framing for photos. (These photos can be seen in the galleries here.) I am pleased to announce that I will be attending their Spring Show on the 27th April at Tai Lawr, and am looking forward to catching up with some of the people I met at the previous show, as well as making lots of new friends!

I have also been up to the Welsh Mountain Zoo (where I volunteer with the Education Department), and took some group photos of the kids, as well as the animals. Due to the cold weather, I hid out in the Reptile House and managed to add to my ďpetĒ list lizards, terrapins, tortoises and snakes! These photos will be available for viewing soon.

And donít forget folks, itís National Pet Month and Iím offering FREE shoots (you only pay for the prints) until the 6th May! So why not treat yourself and your pet to a photography experience with me? To book a shoot, please contact me.


Sunday 31st March

Well, itís the official start of summer and here weíve had a glorious day of sunshine and blue skies. I went on a wee stroll with the camera down to the Pier and caught up with some doggy people along the way. I have been busy this week getting posters and leaflets around Bangor (if you would like to help by putting a poster up in your local area, please contact me). Yesterday I returned to PODS after over a month away - it was great to catch up with everyone and see the progress the dogs have made. I also made some new friends in the visiting flyball teams, who had travelled for some training after the show was cancelled due to the weather. I look forward to seeing them again sometime.


Monday 25th March

After a busy weekend of planning, I am very excited to announce that I will be supporting National Pet Month this year. This national event runs from April 1st to May 6th and works at promoting responsible pet ownership, celebrating pets, thanking pet care professionals and raising funds for animal welfare charities. To find out more about the event, and to see what special offers Iíll be offering, please click here.


Saturday 23rd March

I am very pleased to announce that the winner of my Market Research incentive is Andrea Walker from Bangor. Iím looking forward to meeting up with her and her dogs again in the near future for a shoot.

Massive thanks to everyone who submitted my survey. Itís been really worthwhile and I value all of your opinons. I will be making a few small changes to my products/ services following the results, which I may publish anonymously on here over the next few days.


Tuesday 19th March

Well, another busy weekend at Stoneleigh, this time for the Border Collie Club of Great Britain Championship Show. With everyone suffering from the dreaded lurgy that spawned from Crufts, I was amazed at how many turned up - proving how crazy Border Collie people are! Our guys did well, with Fleck winning Good Citizens and Veteran Bitch, Pip winning Puppy and Novice Dog, Ted 3rd in the Special Open Colour Dog class and Marty winning Open Dog and RCC. Gemma and Dram both behaved but were unplaced.
Iíve added photos from the show, and also a separate gallery for the Champions Parade - it was lovely to see some of the oldies back in the ring and they all got a wonderful rosette for taking part too!
Massive thanks to the committee and judges for a wonderful day out, and congrats to all the winners!


Tuesday 13th March

Slightly recovered after an exhausting weekend at Crufts! Saturday I helped on the Border Collie booth at Discover Dogs, with Dram, Fleck and Marty having a great time making lots of new friends. Managed to get all my shopping done on Saturday too, which was just as well, Sunday was hectic! Fleck and Ted were unplaced, Pip was shortlisted but behaved very well with the atmosphere, Dram came 5th in Post Grad and 3rd in the Good Citizens class, and Marty came 3rd in Open. I also made an appearance in the ring, handling a dog in the Working Trials class for a friend. It was great to catch up with old friends and make some new ones too!


Tuesday 5th March

Well, a fun weekend was had in Spain, even if they did have more snow than Wales! It was difficult not to photograph all the lovely dogs I met, but I might sneak a few Spanish photos onto the site over the next few days. I did return to broadband internet though, so updates should be a lot easier now, and I plan on being fully launched by the end of March.

Looking forward to Crufts and BCCGB the next two weekends, with a week of dog and horse shoots planned in between at home in Oban. If anyone would like to arrange a shoot, or you want photos taking at either show, please contact me.


Saturday 23rd February
My last session at PODS for about a month due to holidays and shows. Was great to see lots of new faces and some less common agility breeds taking part and having loads of fun! Next weekend Iíll be in Spain, where hopefully itís stopped raining and is a bit warmer (we had snow today!), then itís back for a few days before Crufts, home to Oban then Border Collie Club of Great Britain. A busy few weeks for me, so I apologise for a lack of forthcoming updates, although you will still be able to contact me via e-mail.


Wednesday 20th February
Taking full advantage of the sunshine weíve been having, I arranged a beach Colliefest with some friends and their dogs. Although it was reasonably sunny, the wind made standing upright incredibly difficult, and meant that my camera had to deal with sandstorm conditions. Managed to get some shots of the collies having fun, although will be giving it a thorough clean before the weekend. Certainly blew the cobwebs away!


Saturday 16th February

Well, still no internet but I have been using the time to work on my marketing and trying to set up the galleries. Iíve also being getting away from the computer and trying out my new camera. Today I attended PODS agility training on Anglesey and it coped very well with low light and fast dogs. Very pleased with the photos and hope to get them up for you all to see soon.


Saturday 2nd February

After attending Midland Border Collie Club Champ show with mum, Iím on my way down to Swanage for a few days. Photos taken from the show and my wee trip down south should be available to view next week (provided my internet is fixed when I get home).


Thursday 24th January

WEBSITE LAUNCHED! I hope you will continue to check back for updates as more pages will be loaded over the coming weeks.


Monday 21st January

After attending Manchester Dog Show with mum and the dogs at the weekend, I returned to find my new camera had arrived! I will now be using a Nikon D7000 with an 18-105mm lens while my trusted D40X is away being fixed.


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