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General Information

On this page I have outlined some general information for everyone who is considering booking a shoot with me. If you have any questions about this, please contact me.


If at any time I feel threatened by your dog, or their welfare is being compromised, I will ask that we stop the shoot. I adhere to the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and will not allow any pets to be mistreated whilst I am working with them.

I will take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of both dogs and owners whilst on a shoot. However, there are many circumstances outwith my control, for which I take no responsibility.

The owner will reman responsible for their pet during the shoot. This includes any damage caused to property, possessions or persons. As such, the photographer will not be left unaccompanied with a  pet, and owners must be present for the duration of the shoot.


The area I cover is limited to the confines of Bangor, unless you are happy to pick me up and drop me off. I will travel as far as Llandygai, Maesgeirchen, Upper Bangor, Penrhos... if you are unsure, please contact me. Within these confines, there are several dog friendly walks which are appropriate for a variety of shoots. Occasionally I may organise a day at one location slightly further afield and see several clients here throughout the day. This can also be arranged for groups of friends with dogs which get along together (discounts available for multiple bookings).


I advise all owners to book a consultation with their pets prior to the shoot. This is to ensure that the package you have chosen is suitable for your needs and it allows me to answer any questions you may have. I also find that if I have already met your dog, they will behave more naturally on the shoot. If you are thinking of booking a “Walkies” package, it may be possible to meet you out on a walk, so that I can consider the location before bringing the camera.

I will use some distraction aids whilst photographing your dog. The most useful one is food. Usually I use cheese or fresh chicken, but if your pet has any food related health issues, please inform me at the consultation. I also use toys to get and keep your dogs attention - tennis balls, squeaky toys and other noisy objects (like empty crisp packets or keys) all work well. Obviously, every dog is different so if your dog has a favourite toy, you may bring this along.

When shooting on location I will use natural objects as props (stones, trees and fallen branches) to enhance the photos being taken. Similarly, when conducting a shoot indoors, I may need to reposition furniture to help create a suitable area.

From past experiences, I do not expect every dog to have a perfect recall, but if you are worried about not being able to let your dog off the lead for the shoot, please don’t be. I have used several methods in the past which will allow me to photograph your dog apparently running free, even if they are firmly attached to someone! PLEASE NOTE - I am not a photo editor and am not confident in masking leads and collars in photos.


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