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My love for dogs is unquestionable, having lived with upwards of 20 in as many years. Although I have only owned Border Collies, I have experience with many other breeds, including rescues and puppies. I love that each breed, and indeed individuals have their own characters and I enjoy trying to capture this in my photographs.

Pet Portraits can be taken from any of these packages as I will continuously take photos throughout the shoot. I insist on my photos being as natural as possible, preferably taken outdoors with natural light, with dogs ideally unrestrained. I define a Pet Portrait as a photo of your dog looking at his or her most handsome (usually while still). This could be a close up of their head, or a photo of them standing or sitting. The focal point of the photo is your dog, and whilst the background may play a part, this is not the key element. As such, these photos can be taken anywhere, although I find that dogs are often most relaxed while at home or out for a walk. If you require photos for a specific reason (yearbook, advertisement, website etc), please contact me to discuss your needs.

My Walkies package is an opportunity for owners and dogs to enjoy a regular walk in a location known to them. If you do not have a suitable walking area, I am happy to suggest local areas which are mostly secure and certainly suitable for dogs of all ages and abilities. Whether you choose the beach, woods, fields or river, I can ensure that you will find this an enjoyable way to spend time with your dog, with the memories captured for you to display around your home. I find that early morning or evening are the best times of day for natural light, but am happy to run a shoot at any time of day, depending on your needs. I am also prepared to work in most weather but may reschedule a shoot if the weather is very bad, (one of the disadvantages of the UK is we canít plan for sunshine!)

My Home Visit package is suited for less active dogs. Whilst I prefer to photograph dogs outdoors, if your garden is not suitable we can arrange for an indoor shoot. If your dog is usually restricted to certain rooms, it is advised that we keep with routine and shoot in these rooms. A Home Visit is also recommended for breeders who wish for photographs to be taken of puppies. I am happy to arrange a shoot for puppies of all ages, but feel that 5-8 weeks is the best age, as they start to develop individual characters, and who doesnít love a cute fluffy bundle of fun!

I have also had considerable experience photographing agility and breed shows locally and further afield. Having spent much of my childhood at dog shows, I know that many handlers and owners are very particular about the photographs of their dogs, expecting the perfect stand or move. I will post all shows and events that I will be attending on my CALENDAR page.
If you are entered at a show and would like me to come along to photograph your dog, please contact me no later than 2 weeks before the show with the name and date of the show, and also the name and contact details of the show secretary. If, as a result of your enquiry, the show book me to cover the  show, you will receive a free 7x5 print of the day.
PLEASE NOTE - I will only take photos of your dog if you have already spoken to me. Please do not expect photos to be taken if you have not asked me first.


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