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I am a relative newcomer to agility, having never seriously taken part other than setting up a few jumps in the garden and getting totally lost! I admire the handlers for the effort it takes not only to train and maintain the fitness of their dogs, but also to keep up their own levels of fitness and stamina required to run in competitions. The relationship between the dogs and handlers is so finely tuned and I love trying to capture this - especially when the dog knows the course better than the handler! My background photographing show jumping competitions has helped with agility, enabling me to capture the perfect shot as your dog leaps over a jump. However, I enjoy taking photos from unusual angles and where possible will get down low to appear on the same eye level as your dog, showing off their prowess and agility.

I regularly attend PODS agility and flyball training at Bryngwran, so if you are interested in training please contact them.

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