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27/4/13 - PODS SHOW

What a DAY! I gave up my usual Saturday for a 12 hour stint at the PODS Spring Show, and I am so pleased I was there! I loved catching up with the regulars from training, some old friends from the October show, and making lots of new friends who I hope to see at the next show! As you can imagine, having 3 rings with 80 plus dogs is quite a lot for one person to cover, but I hope I managed to get everyone. The weather stayed glorious and don’t think anyone avoided the sun and wind - even with sun cream on I was still a tomato when I got home!

Where possible I have named the dog and/ or owner, but if I don’t have these details, they are named as approximate breed (Collie1, Collie2 etc) I have matched up the “labels” between the Show and Training photos, so if you would like to order prints, contact me with the “label” and I can send you the other photos for you to choose from.


PLEASE NOTE - I will be attending Ynys Mon Dog Training Agility Show on the 11th/ 12th May. If you would like to order prints for collection at this show, please contact me for more photos BY 3pm Tuesday. Final orders for prints must be placed BY 8pm Wednesday 8th May.

SHOW Photos

I have ordered these photos by LEVEL, CLASS, then name of dog or owners initials. Where I don’t know the dog/ owner, I have simply listed by approximate breed (Collie1, Collie2 etc) There is 1 photo of each dog in each class, but in almost all cases I have several more.

Nursery Agility Abbie

Nursery Agility Amy

Nursery Agility Ben

Nursery Agility Bryn

Nursery Agility Collie3

Nursery Agility Collie4

Nursery Agility Cross1

Nursery Agility Cross2

Nursery Agility D Davies1

Nursery Agility D Davies2

Nursery Agility Dillon

Nursery Agility Griff

Nursery Agility Gwen

Nursery Agility JRT

Nursery Agility L Larkin

Nursery Agility Layla

Nursery Agility Max

Nursery Agility Milo

Nursery Agility Mylie

Nursery Agility Saron

Nursery Agility Sheri

Nursery Agility Torres

Nursery Jumping Abbie

Nursery Jumping Ben

Nursery Jumping Bichon

Nursery Jumping Bryn

Nursery Jumping Collie3

Nursery Jumping Collie5

Nursery Jumping Cross1

Nursery Jumping Cross2

Nursery Jumping D Davies1

Nursery Jumping D Davies2

Nursery Jumping Dillon

Nursery Jumping Griff

Nursery Jumping Gwen

Nursery Jumping L Larkin1

Nursery Jumping L Larkin2

Nursery Jumping Layla

Nursery Jumping Max

Nursery Jumping Milo

Nursery Jumping Mylie

Nursery Jumping Sally

Nursery Jumping Saron

Nursery Jumping Sheri

Nursery Jumping Torres

School Agility Fizz

School Agility Jake

School Agility Jude

School Agility Mali

School Agility SBT1

School Agility Sheltie1

School Jumping Amber

School Jumping Collie10

School Jumping Collie7

School Jumping Collie8

School Jumping Collie9

School Jumping Cross3

School Jumping Fizz

School Jumping Jake

School Jumping Jenna

School Jumping Jude

School Jumping Lab

School Jumping Mali

School Jumping Mist

School Jumping Queenie

School Jumping Rosie

School Jumping Sheltie1

School Jumping Una

School Xtra Collie11

School Xtra Collie12

School Xtra Collie13

School Xtra Cross5

School Xtra Fudge

School Xtra Gem

School Xtra Libby

School Xtra Roxy

School Xtra SBT2

School Xtra Tippy

School Xtra Will

University Agility Collie15

University Agility Collie16

University Agility Deedee

University Agility Duwch

University Agility Jedi

University Agility MR1

University Agility MR2

University Agility RH1

University Agility RH2

University Agility SBT3

University Agility Sheltie2

University Agility Spaniel

University Agility Spray

University Jumping Comet

University Jumping Duwch

University Jumping RH1

University Jumping RH2

University Jumping Spray


These photos are arranged by RING then the dogs name or owners initials. If I don’t know these details, I have listed by approximate breed (Collie1, Collie2 etc). Again, in most cases there are many more photos, so please contact me for more.

Ring1 Collie11

Ring1 Collie17

Ring1 Collie18

Ring1 Collie19

Ring2 BSD

Ring2 Cross3

Ring2 Jake

Ring2 Sally

Ring2 Sheltie1

Ring3 Amy

Ring3 Collie12

Ring3 D Davies1

Ring3 D Davies2

Ring3 Fudge

Ring3 Griff

Ring3 Gwen

Ring3 JRT1

Ring3 L Larkin2

Ring3 Lottie

Ring3 Milo

Ring3 Mylie

Ring3 Rocket

Ring3 SBT

Ring3 Sally

Ring3 Sheri

Ring3 Torres

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